I’ve received questions asking, “What is a ‘moderate Christian?’” First, let me separate the two words because it is not moderately being a Christian, but being a Christian who has a moderate or middle of the road or sitting on fences world view.

We hear so much from the “Christian Right” (which by the way is neither in my opinion) and how they are judging, excluding and overlooking the very people Christians are to serve as evidenced in Jesus’ life on earth. We hear so much from them because they are trying to take over the political system to further their power and beliefs. I’m all for sharing my beliefs, but not forcing them. “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary, use words,” St Francis of Assisi.

Now, what it means – according to me. I grew up Baptist and still hold Baptist beliefs (however in past joined a Methodist church because that is where my wife and I feel God wanted us to be). Many of the following thoughts are traditional, unchanged Baptist doctrine – not the creeds some want to sign and enforce.

Jesus Christ – God’s son, born of a virgin, died, rose and lives.

Priesthood of the Believer – I believe that every person has a connection with God through prayer. Jesus and the Holy Spirit enable this link.

The Bible – God’s revelation of Himself to us. God used divinely inspired men to write it.

Meeting human needs – we are called to minister to those who need help.

Sanctity of human life – I am for life. I also think the government shouldn’t tell people what to do on a personal level.

Creationism – How God did it be it through big bang, evolution, whatever doesn’t matter. Interesting discussion and learning about science but that initial spark, the action that set it all in motion came from God.

Environmentalism – God created the world. We are earth’s stewards and must take care of what God has given us responsibly.

Life – there are so many applications here that it could fill pages. Wine and alcoholic beverages – drink them if you want to, just don’t get drunk or lose control of yourself.

Freedom of religion – the government shall make no law prohibiting or enforcing a religion.

Worship – worshipping God can happen anywhere at anytime. You don’t have to be in a specific location, just a specific state of mind.

Love – God loves all his creations more than we can imagine.

Grace – God’s grace is freely available to all who ask through Jesus.