I want it all, I want it all, and I want it right now is the theme music behind a new credit card commercial I just on TV.
Yep, 8:03 pm on a Saturday night and I’m sitting at home watching TV and blogging. In my defense, I just put my 17-month old son to bed and my wife is out of town at a funeral, but I’m afraid those two factors may not have contributed much to the previous sentence.
Back on track…In the commercial the wife says to the husband, “You’re right, we need a new TV.” At that moment the husband runs out of the house with his credit card and cell phone. The point of the commercial is that one can have his/her credit card balance texted to them “so you know how much to spent,” so says the ad spot.
I understand wanting things and immediate gratification…I just bought a new set of golf clubs two weeks ago. However, I didn’t check my credit card balance, I checked my bank account and planned budget. I paid cash for the new set of irons. To base what you can “afford” on how much is left until your credit card is maxed out is not the way to purchase luxury items. Yes, TV is a luxury item. It’s not a smart way to buy anything, but sometimes it is necessary.
I don’t know, maybe this commercial just summed up common culture too much and made me write this.