My coworkers and I talked about these new Christian toys earlier in the week. A news story this evening on ABC said that Wal-Mart is going to start selling these along with their other religious material, especially books.
My mind isn’t made up on these yet. My son has a Noah’s Ark toy that he enjoys. I’ve had religious toys in the past. I’ve never worn or owned a shirt that has Jesus or God on it. I’m not against my Christianity, just for me, my savior’s name doesn’t belong on a shirt.
What I have to get past is making a deity a doll. To me it just seems strange. What makes it even more strange is that these action figures talk. I believe they mostly quote scripture.
What I do like about these toys is the fact that kids can learn Bible stories and such through playing with them. I would love for my son to emulate Jesus at play to learn to emulate Jesus through life. However, as with most boys I’ve seen play, it wouldn’t be long before toy Jesus would end up on a battlefield, run over by a tank or strapped to a rocket.
Does this diminish Jesus? Does this teach about Jesus’ life?
So, for me, I’m still undecided about the toy Jesus.
Any insight for me?