I did it, I broke my 2-year unintentional hiatus from movie theaters. My wife and I after a 12-year-anniversary supper went to see “Evan Almighty.” I really enjoyed the movie and don’t think it was only because of the company. It was cleverly written and I like both Morgan Freeman and Steve Carell. The movie even has some good, strong biblical references and insight into God’s character and about being good stewards of the earth God has given us. Perhaps my favorite scene is when Evan finally gets it that he is to build an ark. He and God (Morgan Freeman) are sitting on some “gopherwood” and Evan begins to question why him. God refers Evan back to his prayer in which he asks his family to be closer and to change the world. The reply was (may be slightly misquoted due to memory) “If a man prays for patience, do you think I give him patience or opportunities to be patient. If a man prays to be closer to his family, do you think I make them closer or give him opportunities to become closer.”View a behind the scenes and how they made a “green movie.”