We’ve reached it: a self-debasing low for humanity. 

This new Dutch “reality” show is set up for a terminally ill patient with an inoperable brain tumor to choose the person who will receive one of her kidneys before she dies.  

Should it run? Sure. I’m not into censoring media or expression. Should it have been created? No. Is it in bad taste? Yes. I do think the show has accomplished one of its stated objectives – publicity for organ donation. There are thousands of blogs on this topic, news stations are covering it and news websites are certainly all over this. The people in the Netherlands are even talking with their government about it. 

A quote from a yahoo! news story, “Viewers will be able to vote for the candidate they feel is most deserving via SMS text message, but “Lisa will determine who the happy one is,” BNN said in a statement.”  How could one choose? How could one try to beat others in a game for a human organ? 

Imagine you were to vote, to choose; what criteria would you have for your candidate of choice? A good person? A bad person so they could change their ways? One with a great personality? One who offers you money? The youngest? The oldest? 

Lost hope. Once “Lisa” and the text voters decide, there still a good possibility the transplant will not take place with that individual. Tissue samples have to match up and the doctors have to make sure the cancer has not spread to her kidneys. Imagine that, having beaten out two dying people for an organ that one of them could possibly have used if their tissue matched and no cancer spread.  Notice I didn’t say “won.” If the losing, non-chosen contestants die without getting a needed kidney and the “winner” does this person could have one of the worst survivor complexes seen in quite a while.  

Would I want to lose? No.
Would I want to win? No.
Should this even be a game? No.