I just got home from surgery. The much anticipated nice, long Memorial Day Weekend isn’t going so swimmingly. Saturday morning I drove myself to the ER as my wife and baby went out shopping (thought I had gas). Later that night, I had an emergency appendectomy.

The interesting aspect I want to write about happened in the ER. As I sat there waiting to be called to check in and be examined (yes, I was in obvious pain) a family who brought their daughter in after a car wreck stopped and asked if they could pray with me and for me. Of course I said yes. You know what, the pain subsided for a while. Does prayer work? Yes. Some critics would say that them coming over just distracted me from the pain. Yes, prayer is a distraction, but a positive one and in either case, it helped alleviate pain.

I’ve now determined to not just continue praying for people, but to involve them if they are near and inform them if they aren’t.