Saturday I went on a local mission emphasis, Hands of Christ, with my church and had a great time. It was the first time I went with this group, but it won’t be the last. (By local I mean, it’s actually in the city in which I live, but a part of the city I never knew existed.) This group goes to people’s houses and does construction for those who are unable to do the work or pay for the work to be done. Hands of Christ secured the building permit and arranged for trash pick up with the city.

Hands of Christ doesn’t just go clean up and paint. This weekend we started reconstructing the house’s foundation and building a wheelchair ramp for one of the residents to be able to come and go.

While talking with the family, their appreciation was beyond words. During this time, the power of the name, Hands of Christ, actually hit me.

Below are a few pictures from our efforts.