Tonight I’m watching “planet earth” on the Discovery Channel. OK, it’s awesome. God created an earth that is amazing in so many ways. The folks at Discovery did a phenomenal job capturing all of this on film.

As I watch how every animal is perfectly adapted to its environment and perfectly designed to do what it’s designed to do, I think of us humans. Examples: sharks are the perfect aquatic predator; penguins survive 100-mile-per-hour winds in sub-zero temperatures; and a snow-shoe rabbit that has enlarged feet to walk on top of snow and the fact that it changes from white to brown when the snow melts, then back to white again.

Back to humans. I’m convinced that we are the weakest link in the chain. If we didn’t have opposable thumbs and the ability to reason, we’d be food. These things allow us to adapt our environment to fit our needs – a great benefit, but one that comes at a cost if we are not responsible in how we take from mother earth.

Which brings me to ask, what is it that humans are designed to do. It can’t be to deplete the earth’s resources. It is to seek God, learn God and commune with God. How well do you do what you were designed to do?