Well, this basically a continuation of the thoughts in John Eldridge’s book “Wild at Heart.” There are some accurate aspects to it, some are carried a little far. I don’t think it is a “feminizing” of men, but more of the political correctness taking over. We aren’t as bold in some aspects as others. I’m not. Probably because we are taught to “play nice” and not upset the waters too much. On the other hand, if I didn’t curb myself in some aspects, I wouldn’t be too much fun to be around and would get rid of friends and fire people too easily.
Yes, we need to stand up and make statements as Christians and not worry about what others think and “will we lose churches” but it needs to be done as Christian men, not just as men in search of power. Bottom line is I don’t think a church being “feminized” has anything to do with women taking leadership roles. I think he is addressing how men are reigning in their “jalapeno factor” (as he put it).If we aren’t “nice” in some ways, no one will follow. Eldridge and this guy are correct in some ways, but people like “Rand the Conqueror” just aren’t needed in society – at least in the way we think of conqueror. His point about porn is interesting too – Eldridge’s theory is that men are attracted to porn because it is “safe” as in no interaction with a wife. 
I could go on…Men do need to act like men but that doesn’t mean being a obnoxious or angry – just strong.