Monday night on the National Geographic Channel I watched a show (Conspiracy Moon Landing) dedicated to proving/disproving the fact that the US astronauts landed on the moon.
To be honest, I have accepted it as fact that man has walked on the moon, but also had a doubt about the technology at the time. Well, this show removed doubt for me.
The one-hour program took every major conspiracy theory revolving around man walking on the moon and gave scientific evidence to the contrary. The final nail in the coffin for the conspiracy theorists came at the end of the show (why would they put that at the beginning?). The McDonald Observatory would send a laser to the “reflectors” placed on the moon’s surface by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. The laser would then reflect back to earth giving precise measurements of distance and location in the solar system. This was the only aspect that received no comments from the conspiracy theorists – they simply didn’t have an answer.
The whole show was fascinating to watch.