We have a bedtime ritual already established with our 7-month-old son. First, we read a couple of books, then sing a couple of songs (which could range from “Jesus Loves Me” to “The Itsy-bitsy Spider” to “How Great Thou Art”) then we say a short prayer as we lay him down into his crib. Most nights, he does great and just falls right to sleep.
On rare occasions, he isn’t so happy to sleep – he wants to crawl around and get into more things that we haven’t put up yet. He has also learned to stand in his crib and scream. After this short protest, he always grows tired, quiet, lies down and falls asleep.
Perhaps the best occasion as a parent is waking up your baby in the morning. When either my wife or I go in to wake him he is usually asleep or just waking. Once he hears us or sees us, he gets a grin on his face, sits up giggles joyfully and awaits being lifted out of the crib, cuddled and fed.
Joy comes in the morning.