This is just appalling. If you haven’t read/heard/seen the two-year-old being given pot by his 5-year-old and 17-year-old relatives you can read the story. I didn’t post the video because it is just horrible.

A culture that puts so much emphasis on drugs and “feeling good” in which a 17-year-old uncle (who laughs at the stoned baby) gives a baby pot frequently enough for this child to be able to exhale the smoke through his nose just pisses me off. God never promised us an easy road, just that the path will be evident.

This whole thing shocked and enraged me more than it did my wife. Not that she’s for 2-year-olds, or anyone else for that matter, getting stoned, but she is a psychotherapist and routinely works with individuals who have been smoking pot and doing other drugs since they were 5. Yes, 5-years-old. Pot is not the biggest problem that this country faces, but we certainly need to be more aware of its prevalence in society and the negatives that result from using it for non-medicinal purposes.

This incidence reminds me of Aldous Huxley’s book Brave New World. This novel deals with creating a utopian society by basically keeping everyone doped up on soma. It also tackles other issues such as reproductive technology, biological engineering and sleep-learning to change society. It was published in 1932 and set in
London in 2540. Huxley didn’t think we’d get as far as we did in just 75 years.

People are looking; let’s make sure we are there with an answer.