As I watch Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Derek Shepherd is talking with a guy in the waiting room about Meredith. The sub plot of this episode is death, afterlife and what happens surrounding death. Losing someone is hard. Death and its finality, is hard. In the world of reruns and crazy reintroductions of “dead” characters we don’t see death as final. It is. Miracles do happen. Anyway, Derek and this guy share the names of their loved ones and the stranger says, “I guess its in the hands of the doctors.” Derek agrees. Then the stranger says, “I’ll add Meredith to my prayers.”
When I watch shows that deal with death, I pay attention to how and if they address God. At first, solely because I don’t understand how anyone who is not a Christian could possibly deal with death and it’s finality without Christ’s promise of eternal life and reunion with Him and others.
Now there’s another reason. On a tour of the Huntsville, Texas, prison, known as “the walls unit,” through which every male release is discharged – either alive or dead and a private tour with the warden of the death row and the lethal injection chamber, the warden started talking about the men who had been put to death in that room. The warden must attend every lethal injection that takes place in his prison. One story he told will always stick with me. “No matter the person on the table, athiest, agnostic, whatever religion, they always cry out to God just before the end.”